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The Seymour Conservation Area

The Seymour Conservation Area

The Seymour Conservation Area is a short five minute drive south of Campbellford on Highway 30. Like the Goodrich-Loomis Conservation Area, it is run by the Lower Trent Conservation Authority and most of the same rules apply. No horse riding, dogs must be on a leash, no overnight camping and no open fires. It is, however a great place for a day trip if you're looking for some serenity or for something to do that might tire the kids out on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Admission is free, so you can't quibble about the price.

The Conservation area is on a 200 acre parcel of land with over six kilometers of walking trails. As the saying goes (and I've used it a couple of times myself), nature abounds in this place.


This area is part of the Lower Trent Conservation Authority's project to rehabilitate the savannah land in southern Ontario. Most readers probably think of lions and giraffes when they hear the word Savannah, but really a savannah is just a fancy word for "grass that isn't cut by a lawnmower and grows tall to accomodate wildlife that won't survive on a manicured lawn. I'm petitioning the city to allow my lawn to be classified as a savannah, but I don't think they are going to go for it.

The walking trail that I like the best is called the Quarry trail. I like it for two particular reasons, firstly because it takes me past a quarry, and secondly because it's the shortest walking trail in the whole area. There's also a well situated bench overlooking the quarry that allows me to rest my weary legs.


In any event, this is a nice quiet place where one can have a good walk, lose the crowds (I rarely ever see other folks in here), and maybe see a few frogs, snakes (not the scary kind), take the dog for a walk, or simply bring the kids and start hammering an appreciation of nature into their heads (but not with a real hammer - that would be cruel - although, if you did, you'd be in a great spot to conceal a body).

The Seymour Conservation Area is another one of those great spots in and around the Quinte area that doesn't get a lot of attention, but makes this area such a great place to live.

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