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The Murray Canal

The Murray Canal

The Murray Canal is a very convenient stretch of water. It is a little over 8 kilometers in length and connects the Bay of Quinte to Lake Ontario, running from Brighton to Carrying Place, just a five minute drive south of Trenton.


Boats can get to the Bay of Quinte without using this canal, but it will take a lot longer from the west side because they will have to go all the way around Prince Edward County which juts into Lake Ontario like the middle finger of that guy in the pick up truck who just passed you because he thought you were driving too slow and didn't like your attempts to hinder his pulling out in front. Yeah, something like that.


Anyhow, the canal was built in 1882, and like most things around here, originally had a greater commercial value which has now been replaced with a more recreational value. Boats going up the Trent Severn Waterway start their journey in Trenton, which is on the fabulous Bay of Quinte. We get quite a few boats from across the lake in Rochester, and it makes more sense for them to go through the Murray Canal than to go the long way. The price of fuel these days...................


There are two swing bridges on the Murray Canal, one on County Road 64 and the one on highway 33 in Carrying Place which is scheduled to open as soon as my car rounds the bend and comes into plain sight. If you happen to be a boater anxious to get to the Trent Severn Waterway and wish to minimize your time waiting at the swing bridge in the Murray Canal, just give me a call and ask when I'll be heading into Prince Edward County next, and time your trip accordingly. I can wave at you (and perhaps half a dozen inexperienced boaters) as I'm patiently waiting at the bridge watching the boats shuffle by.


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