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Stockdale Real Estate

Stockdale Real Estate

Stockdale Ontario

The village of Stockdale is not very big, if you blink and miss the road sign you probably wouldn't know you are in a village at all. It consists of a few houses, a few farms and an an old mill.

Stockdale is between the town of Wooler and Frankford on Hastings County Road 5.

I drive through Stockdale quite a bit as Stockdale Road is a pretty nifty shortcut if you want to get from Trenton to Frankford or Stirling. There hardly ever is any traffic on Stockdale Road, and the only time I have ever been inconvenienced is when I got stuck behind a rather slow moving tractor once.

Stockdale Ontario

The Stockdale Mill is just about the only destination in Stockdale. It used to be a grist mill in its working days. As well as being a cafe, restaurant and pub these days, it's an arts and crafts place where lots of colourful things are on display. It was recently bought by a new owner who is making a lot of positive changes to the place, so it's well worth the visit.

The mill is on Cold Creek which joins the Trent river in the town of Frankford. In the summer months I hear that Cold Creek is quite popular with canoeists and wildlife enthusiasts. It has been told to me by a very reliable source that there are a few very good fishing spots on Cold Creek. I have been sworn to secrecy as to where the exact locations are though. Buy a house from me and I might be tempted to leak the information.Stockdale Ontario

Stockdale is just one of the communities that make up Quinte West. I can confidently say that it's one of the smaller communities. The residents of stockdale have all the services available to them that are available to all residents of Quinte West.

As a Quinte real estate agent, Stockdale is just one of the many small communities that I love to do business in. It happens to be less than a ten minute drive from the Trenton Century 21 office so I wouldn't mind picking up some listings there, it would be very convenient. You do have a listing for me, don't you?

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home or farm in Stockdale Ontario why not give me a call and we can discuss this some more.







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