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Rednersville Real Estate

Rednersville Real Estate


County Road 3 is one of the nicer drives in the area. Trenton and Belleville are located on the north side of the Bay of Quinte in Hastings County, Trenton on the east side and Belleville on the west. County road 3 is the road that hugs the shoreline on the south side of the Bay from Carrying Place to Rossmore, just across the bridge from Belleville.

Naturally there are quite a lot of expensive waterfront homes along this road, as the area is nice and the scenery is gorgeous. People who work in Belleville and Trenton don't mind the extra ten minutes it takes to get home, especially when you have fishing and boating activities available right in your back yard. Although a few people from the city have their cottages here, it's not really a cottage community.

county road 3 The reason why locals know this road as Rednersville Road is because it passes through the hamlet of Rednersville, a very small town with maybe a couple of dozen houses. The area was settled by the Redner family in 1798. They moved here after the American war of independence, James Redner was United Empire Loyalist who lost his home and land in New Jersey. He did alright though, he ended up in Prince Edward County.

The General Store in Rednersville (now more of an antique shop) is Ontario's oldest shop that is still in operation today. It was actually run by the Redner family themselves for over a century. Today it is a bit of a community hub for the people who live here as well as the many tourists who pass through the area.

There is a charmed feel about the town of Rednerville itself, one might say it's a little unkempt which is in very stark contrast to the manicured and lanscaped lawns of the multi million dollar homes that precede it on your drive along Rednersville Road. It's almost like stepping back a bit in time. As land values continue to rise in the area, newer and larger homes are bound to replace some of the older homes along this stretch of road. Thankfully the history and geography can't be changed.

I am a member of the Quinte Real Estate board and work out of the Trenton Century 21 office. If you are interested in Trenton real estate, or real estate in the surrounding area, give me a call. I'm always happy to talk about it.    


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