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Quinte Real Estate (Facebook)

Quinte Real Estate (Facebook)

Why would a real estate agent have a Facebook page?

When I first joined Facebook in 2007, it was almost embarrasing. I thought I was the oldest fellow on there, and I was frightened to accept friend requests from people I didn't know. Half the time I would have to avert my eyes when I looked at pictures of some of the younger folk on there. I felt like a peeping Tom. Yikes.

Well, Facebook has certainly matured over the years, and I have learned a few rules to make my experience a little easier to handle. Besides, almost everybody has a Facebook account now.

I have learned to seperate the business aspect from the personal aspect by starting a Facebook business page and following a few simple rules. Facebook can be a very valuable resource when it comes to sending a message out there. Over 500 million users log onto Facebook daily. A lot of Facebook users own homes or are looking to buy homes.

Go ahead, click the button and "like" my Quinte Real Estate Facebook page. Don't "like" it, no worries, just browse around.

You will see that it's an effective tool for getting a message out, and that hundreds (by the time you read this - maybe thousands) of people check into the Quinte Real Estate Facebook page on a weekly basis. Facebook is free, and yet, you can't buy exposure like this.


Real Estate agents sit through lecture after lecture from experts about how influential Facebook can be, and what a great marketing tool it is. How come so few of them bother to set up a page, and the ones who do leave theirs as dry as the Sinai desert? How come you will see local agents set up a page, post a thing or two and end up with only five people "liking" their Facebook page. You can hear the tumbleweeds blowing across your screen when you look at their pages.

Are these agents too lazy to learn how to use it effectively, or not interesting enough to create the kind of buzz that is vital when it comes to marketing products (and don't kid yourself, a house is a product like any other), or do these agents believe that Facebook is a passing fad? It could be all of the above, none of the above, or some of the above. I don't know. What I do know though, is that it's a fantastic way for me to talk to people about my listings and also a fantastic way for me to interact.

Facebook, you're either there or you're not. 

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