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Mount Pelion

Mount Pelion

Mount Pelion is a Drumlin smack dab in the middle of Trenton. If you have a couple of hours to spare, it's definitely worthwhile taking a quick walk up there and getting a panoramic view of the town. Be prepared to climb a few steps though, it's a bit of a climb, especially for those of us who might not be in great shape.

You do get an awesome view of Trenton and the surrounding Quinte area from high atop Mount Pelion. It's quite the spot for teenagers to congregate in the summertime and do the things that teenagers do in the summertime. Lately there has been a concerted effort to get rid of the graffiti painted on the water tower and it's a pleasant place to visit and try to spot the buildings you may recognize.

According to the information board below the summit, Mount Pelion's name originates from something Greek, but what that "something" is has been "lost in time" (I didn't make that up). The French explorer Samuel De Champlain sailed through the area on his way to frying bigger fish (he discovered the Mississippi), and it is theorised that he could quite possibly have stood atop Mount Pelion to get a better view of the area. We don't know for sure, because no historical record actually indicates that he did, but it sounds pretty neat. Why wouldn't he have had? If I were sailing along discovering new places, this is exactly the kind of place that I'd clamber to the top of to get a better view.

There's a Royal Navay cannon at the top too. It was put there in the 1880's for some reason, and it looks pretty good there. It provides a day's work every year for some lucky summer student hired by the city to paint it. I've probably seen at least a dozen Facebook pictures of people sitting atop that canon. I also remember taking the kids here in the winter time and tobogganing down the hill into the parking lot of the Dufferin Centre. The Dufferin Centre no longer exists, and my kids are too big to be tobogganing down hills with their dad on hand, so I haven't been up there in the winter for a few years. I'm going to have to go and check to see if they still do that.

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