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Hanna Park in Trenton

Hanna Park in Trenton


Hanna Park is a 42 acre park right in the heart of Trenton that has many uses. The entrance is conveniently located at the corner of Film Street and Cresswell Drive. It's one of a number of parks in Trenton.


Smaller kids will enjoy the large play structure and swings, while the younger teenagers will enjoy the basketball court. Both the play structures and the basketball court are always clean and very well maintained. Parents won't have to worry about letting their kids play here. The older teenagers, of course, will appreciate the coverage that the trees provide them so that they can smoke cigarettes without being seen.

Two acres of the park is devoted to our canine friends. There is a fenced-in enclosure just for dogs. They can roam around without being on a leash and sniff each others butts to their heart's content. The area is covered in wood chips so that the dogs don't get too muddy. There's even a separate area for the younger pups who just may be starting to learn how to socialize with other dogs. Clean fresh water is provided and there's even a winter shelter so that the owners can sit and watch in relative comfort. This park is maintained courtesy of the Kinsmen Club of Trenton.

There are public tennis courts at Hanna Park as well, but I didn't get any photographs of the courts because there were some young ladies playing tennis  in rather skimpy outfits and I didn't want them thinking I was taking pictures of them.

The real "raison d'etre" of Hanna Park though, is the wonderful trails that criss-cross each other. It makes for a very good walk in nice weather. You wouldn't think that you were in the middle of a relatively busy town when you're zipping down these trails. A lot of people take their dogs for walks down these trails and I also see a lot of bicycle tire marks, so it's obviously a popular spot for mountain biking.
I use Hanna Park for my walks quite often, so I'm familiar with the scenery and can navigate around it quite well, but I have heard of people losing track of where they are and wandering for a while until they get back on one of the marked trails. My secret is to not leave the marked trails.

Hanna Park is one of many places that makes Trenton a very green town and such a wonderful place to live, work and play.I am a real estate agent with the Quinte Real Estate Board working out of the Trenton Century 21 office. If you have any questions about Trenton Real Estate, don't hesitate to give me a call.

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