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Consecon Real Estate

Consecon Real Estate

Consecon Real Estate

Most visitors from the Greater Toronto Area to Prince Edward County will be exiting the 401 at Wooler Road, head south and then continue along down Highway 33 to their destinations, usually Sandbanks Provincial Park or one of the other many attractions in the "County".

One of the first towns they will be passing is the small town of Consecon. The water tower is vivble from the highway, as is a fruitstand (in the summer), but to get to the actual town they will have to take Mill Street. It's worth the little detour to see this quiet town, it's very pretty, located on the shores of Weller's Bay (Lake Ontario) on the west and the Inland Lake of Lake Consecon on the east.

There's an old mill that's been converted into a restaurant/pub, and it's a great place to stop for lunch and sit out on the patio in the warm weather. Consecon used to be a bustling mill town back in the good old days, but it's now more or less a bedroom community for the towns of Trenton and Belleville. There's a nice mix of older and newer homes, and there are some pretty spectacular waterfront properties. The main street still retains its old world flavour.

The name Consecon is an Algonquin word for Pickeril, so you can imagine that it's quite the spot for fishermen. There's a campground just a few minutes out of town and it's a very busy place in the summertime when the weather's good. Visitors will also notice that the local convenience store has a license to sell beer and alcohol, which is rather unusual for the province of Ontario. It's a popular destination for Trentonians who didn't make it to the beer store in time. That's my car there in the picture, I stopped off to buy a pack of gum.

Consecon is a United Empire Loyalist town. The land was originally granted by the King to Colonel WM. Marsh of Vermont in 1779 for services rendered to the Crown in the American War of Independence. I guess ending up on the losing side can pay off once in a while, he seems to had landed himself a pretty nice spot. Just down the road is North Beach Provincial Park, not as busy as Sandbanks, but more popular with locals as it's never as crowded. It seems the day trippers from the G.T.A. haven't discovered it yet.

Consecon is just a little bit south of Carrying Place and a short drive north of Wellington Ontario. There's lots to do and see in the area, as this is where wine country begins and we start getting into the middle part of the County. There are quite a few older buildings and businesses in the area, and one can really feel the history while driving through here.





Malcolm Johnston is an agent in the Quinte Real Estate board, you can reach him at the Trenton Century 21 office.

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