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Codrington Real Estate

Codrington Real Estate

Hilton Real EstateIf you exit the 401 at exit # 509 you will have a choice whether to go south or north. Going south will take you to the town of Brighton, but going north towards Campbellford on county road 30 will take you through three small communities in Brighton Township.

The first one is a small community called Hilton which consists of a few houses and a very well kept cemetery, the Hilton Cemetery on concession 4. While I'm not yet sure that being dead is very peaceful, I can say for sure that the people who visit the dead here are in a very peaceful place. It is a beautiful setting indeed.

Hilton CemeteryJust a word of advice for travelers, if you happen to be looking for a hotel, you won't find one in Hilton. I also highly doubt that Paris has ever been here either.


The next little town you will pass through will be the small town of Orland. I couldn't guess how many people live in this small community, but I wouldn't think too many folks live here either. It's really just a few houses along the county road as well as an old mill that was built in 1838 and is now a furniture store that sells quality hand crafted furniture made on the premises. If you are ever out this way and looking for a nice solid piece of furniture, be sure to stop at Country Past Furniture. You will be glad you did, it makes the trip to Orland very worth while indeed. 

The final stop in Brighton Township before heading into Trent Hills and on towards Campbellford is Codrington.

Compared to Hilton and Orland, Codrington is a booming metropolis, and I should know, I've sold some houses here before.

There's a very good restaurant called the 100 Mile Diner, there's a baseball field, a fish hatchery, a retirement residence, a fire hall, and a community centre that seems to have quite a variety of activities all week long. I couldn't really say what the population of Codrington is, but there are quite a few more residences in it than there are in Hilton or Orland.

codrington fire hall



  So , if you had to choose between these three Brighton township communities as a place to live, and you enjoy line dancing and are prone to setting your house on fire every now and then, Codrington would surely be the best bet for you. They are all three really nice places to live though. 

I am a member of the Quinte Real Estate  Board and work out of the Trenton Century 21 office. Give me a call, I love discussing Trenton real estate .


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